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  • Have you ever dreamed of not only being a successful trainer, but of also having a training business that could pay you whether you continued training or not?
  • Do you want to know how to start your own boot camp business? Not just another “boot camp”, but a fully operational and scalable business model and system that provides you financial and time freedom?
  • Do you want to have other trainers doing a lot of the day-to-day work for you? This also means you get to help other trainers find work and everyone wins!
  • Do you want to work less, earn more, and have a system that helps you achieve true leverage?
  • Tired of all the gurus hyping you up and then selling you the stars and moons at astronomical prices? or...
  • Want to have a business coach, a franchise, a business system, or a done-for-you program, but can't afford it?

Action Fitness Camp Business Opportunity


Americans spend over $12 billion dollars on health club memberships each year”- Medical News Today.
The personal training industry is a $6 billion dollars a year (and growing) industry” –
In the U.S. alone over $80 Billion dollars were spent on weight loss in 2010” – MarketData (a market research firm).
Action Fitness Camp™ launched originally as a location called Snohomish Boot Camp in 2009 and has taken a different approach to fitness branding. While most fitness and boot camp franchises focus on a generic and “corporate” feel, Action Fitness Camp is a true grass-roots operation. We exude fun, variety, and community, which is what makes our clients happier and our business opportunity sustainable.

Action Fitness Camp™ was launched to create a completely new category in the fitness, wellness, youth athletics, and personal training industry with a client-centric focus to deliver unmatched fitness, athletic, and fat loss results backed by our commitment to service and money-back guarantees.

Action Fitness Camp™ is the only program to easily integrate adult boot camps, youth speed, agility, and conditioning camps, along with popular gym models like CrossFit, into an easily integrated system to maximize profits for any dedicated fitness professional.


  • Unique Indoor AND Outdoor Location Strategy.
  • Flexible, depending on regional market
  • Outdoor supplemental to boost revenues without added expenses
  • Mobile component to add diverse revenue sources
  • Group training
  • Youth Athletic Camps or Kids Boot Camps
  • Corporate Fitness Camps
  • The ability to have a diverse market segment with multiple target audiences
  • Adult Fitness – Co-ed! We attract women and men equally, and even couples (how rare!)
  • Kid-friendly, through unique programming and not “day care”
  • Fat Loss audience and ‘Competitive Personalities’, without losing sense of community and alienating beginning and reconditioned market
  • Youth Athletic Market (Speed, Agility, and Conditioning) for second major revenue stream, without added costs


Serve our clients. Provide fantastic value. Get results.
Respect the integrity, the responsibility, and the importance of the instructor.
Health and fitness is our natural state and can be done anywhere.
Motivate and lead others through vision, positivity, initiative, and confidence.

We exude fun, variety, and community, which is what makes our clients happier and our business opportunity sustainable.


To create and foster an amazing ongoing fitness experience with a strong sense of community for our clients, utilizing group training boot camps, fitness events, youth athletic training, sports and recreational activities. We give our clients a superior fitness experience and results.

Action Fitness Camp started in Snohomish, Washington, where it rains and gets cold. Many people said that no one would want to workout outside, yet the founder thought different.

“People want fun and variety. People want to reach their goals. When you put them together, you get a great experience and results, not just one or the other.

True fitness can be found anywhere, indoors or outdoors. They both have advantages. The outdoors has the advantage of fresh air, open spaces, getting back to basics, bodyweight movement and functional training in a true natural surrounding, the adrenaline of really getting the heart and lungs pumping, and most importantly, the feeling of being a kid again. Why not use the best of both worlds?”

Jesse “Mr. Pain” Stoddard – Founder

In October of 2009, Jesse Stoddard launched the first Action Fitness Camp outdoor fitness boot camp. Within the next year Jesse started multiple camps and in multiple locations.

Additionally, Jesse was being approached by many trainers asking him to mentor and coach them in how to successfully start-up, operate, and grow boot camps. Jesse added indoor locations in 4 cities, and the word spread quickly.

A new brand and business model was created, one that provided a predictable business for fitness entrepreneurs to train their members while allowing for more workout times, greater exercise variety, faster and better results for their fitness boot camp clients.

If not the fastest growing personal training and fitness boot camp brand, Action Fitness Camp has definitely redefined the boot camp world with the most unique and flexible models.

Action Fitness Camp is unique in that it allows a business owner to not only have a stable indoor boot camp, but also includes the flexibility of incorporating the dynamic outdoor boot camps as well, making it one of the only recognized fitness business models that incorporates both the outdoor and indoor large group training programs.

We have recently become a Franchisor and are now offering franchise owners the unique opportunity to join the Action Fitness Camp Family and be a part of a dynamic business model that includes the following highlights:
  • Membership driven recurring revenue base.
  • One of the lowest investment and start-up costs of any franchise business model (and the lowest among boot camp franchises).
  • Attractive, fast return on investment.
  • Leveraging into a proven business model that currently trains hundreds of clients each month.
  • No percentage based monthly royalty fees. Just a fair, flat monthly franchise fee. The founder believes that you should keep the vast majority of the money you earn.


  1. The entire business model from scratch, with detailed instructions on how to implement it by the founder himself. The right system to build a profitable and reliable boot camp business (includes all business systems, such as negotiating leases, pricing, marketing, structures, metrics, etc.)
  2. Our very unique and compelling brand which emphasizes FUN, VARIETY, COMMUNITY, GRASS ROOTS, including territory rights and ready-made marketing.
  3. Programming to create a superior boot camp (workouts, training your staff, etc.)
  4. Lead Generation (getting you leads will be one of the most important factors as we grow the business together). This includes the web pages, social media, SEO, group coupons, advertising and marketing regionally and/or nationally. You may still need to do some local marketing of course, but we plan on providing a presence that definitely results in better outcomes.
  5. Coaching by the founder and his team through the entire process.


AFC works closely with its franchise owners (licensees) every step of the way to provide the following support:

  • Ready coaching for operational training and fitness training
  • Online training and members-only portal for AFC Center build-out, marketing, sales, and systems support
  • Business systems, marketing and sales conference calls and webinars
  • Ongoing (fresh and new) marketing and promotional systems
  • Training follow-up programs
  • Dedicated, expert phone business coaching
  • Guidance to regional development support
  • Programs and materials to support new service offerings
  • Hands-on assistance with all aspects of running your facility/locations
  • Extensive Business Operations and Policies and Procedures manuals
  • Email updates on systems and operations
  • An AFC database of professionally designed, and done-for-you workout programs.
  • Professionally crafted and ready-to-use client meal and nutrition plans
  • Monthly community update newsletters
  • Customized, and search engine optimized, website
  • built in to handle all billing and client management

Additionally, franchise owners have the opportunity to tap into and leverage AFC’s internal Marketing and Technology Teams to create, implement and manage the following marketing services (Here's what we are working on for the future too):

  • On-going search engine optimization – Focuses on commonly used specific keywords to help firmly position a franchise owner’s AFC site on top of the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
  • Custom designed Facebook fan page – Designed to attract targeted leads and prospects using may of the viral social media tools and strategies to drive traffic.
  • Facebook pay-per-click ad creation and management – We craft and manage franchise owner’s Facebook ads based on their budget to maximize traffic at the lowest possible cost per click.
  • Other (Google, Twitter, etc.) pay-per-click ad creation and management – Franchise owners provide an ad budget and we will create, implement and manage pay per click (PPC) ads giving them a constant flood of new leads and prospects.
  • Daily Deals/Group buying power – We leverage our critical mass of owners and locations to create, implement and manage various Daily Deal programs on behalf of our owners – saving them time and frustration.
  • Custom crafted landing pages for (PPC) pay-per-click ads and special promotions – Custom landing pages and tracking conversions to increase the conversion from promotions while making registration easy and automatic.

What this would typically cost you...

typical cost of franchise


BONUS #1 ($28 Value)

How to build your own boot camp business

BONUS #2 ($299 Value)

Boot Camp Business Enterprise Course
8 Module Course Teaching Expert Level Business Development

What does it take to build your own successful fitness business empire?

One thing is for certain; you need systems! Proven ones are the best.

Full access to the Action Fitness Camp Licensing Program includes an entire system for a trainer to launch and successfully grow a powerful boot camp enterprise that can literally dominate their region and beyond!
  1. Starting your Business. This module includes all the fundamentals from soup to nuts of how to get your business set up correctly and get it off the ground. Business Licenses, and legal structures, name and brand, business planning, and financial planning.
  2. How to Find and Secure the Right Locations. This includes lease negotiation, finding or creating good deals, how to market a location, how to partner or cross promote with the location, how to market within the location to an existing clientele base, how to market with the location in the community, indoor vs. outdoor strategies, and the combination strategy. You may need help with negotiating the deal! We know we did.
  3. Programming (Equipment and Workouts). This includes a what equipment to get, a massive boot camp database, workout partner and buddy systems, freedom to individual trainers to design vs. ownership control, and how to create endless varieties of workouts using a workout template design strategy, as well as fitness testing clients to unify them, and fitness contests (also a marketing strategy, of course).
  4. Marketing. This includes online marketing like websites, blogs, Facebook, email marketing strategies and templates (with proven scripts), daily deal strategies, human billboard strategies that actually work, coupons, referral programs, offline strategies like lunch and learns, networking groups, professional networking, cross promotions, charities and fun-runs.
  5. Sales. This includes the agreement/contract process (along with an actual contract that works), pricing strategy and promotional offer strategy, free trials and limited trials, how to teach your trainers to sell, and online programs that help selling to happen all online.
  6. Infrastructure and Business Back-end Systems. This includes member management, billing - EFT, email communication system (and newsletter), website/blog/high scores/event promotion/fun run/charity, and Facebook in its own category. Introducing FitRoster.
  7. Finding and Hiring Good Trainers. This includes the employee vs. independent contraction options, finding the staff/team, contracts, keeping your team, what to pay and how to pay, and phasing yourself out of doing the day-to-day training the right way.
  8. Expansion and Market Domination. This includes how to add a location with low risk, how to then add multiple locations, management, leadership, taking advantage of economies of scale, such as how to leverage resources, like equipment, trainers, marketing dollars, memberships, and introducing the Universal Membership model into the business.

BONUS #3 (Value $250)

Coaching Call and Business Analysis Normally Reserved For High Level Coaching Clients

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