What Clients Say About Us

Eric Wetherall Testimonial

“For the past couple of years, I have been convinced that my biggest barrier is time when it comes to working out. I had to wait until a “switch” went off to tell myself that I HAVE to make it a priority. Having multiple time options is great. I don’t usually have other plans at 5:30am, so it has just been making it a priority and a habit. Knowing my body, I KNOW that exercise is what does it for me the most.

In the past, I have gotten bored with things after a while and it has been easy to give up when I haven’t seen success. I enjoy the Action Fitness Camp workouts because every day is different and the exercises are different than other things I have done. In addition, they are doable and not too crazy hard- BUT, I know they are working because I fatigue while doing them and feel them the next day!

**Also, it has been helpful to have a supportive group of people to workout with. Everyone is so nice and makes it fun. Knowing that the same people are always there certainly makes me feel more accountable too! Following the Advocare 24 Day Challenge plan has made determining what and when to eat much easier and the products are easy to use and are clearly working for me. I also feel like the fact that I am literally tracking every single thing that goes into my mouth on Myfitnesspal is making a HUGE difference. When Jesse first asked what my goal was I said 50 pounds, thinking that was a serious long shot. Now I can see that it is doable and I will do it!”

~Marci Volmer

I am the owner of Gilpin Realty Inc and Gilpin Management Services LLC, a very complex and demanding business. Over the years, my busy schedule has caused my fitness to suffer and I found myself adding some unwanted weight, along with the lack of energy. It was getting harder to keep up with my family and work, I knew I had to do something. In addition one of my passions is the outdoors, hunting, hiking and fishing with my Son’s and Father-in-Law.

I was mostly interested in the Action Fitness Camp Personal Training services, as I knew that private instruction would be the best fit for me. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I was impressed with the incredible attention to detail, great customer service and motivation I received. The workouts were incredible! They were challenging, and sometimes felt nearly impossible in the moment, but I always left with an incredible sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of feeling great. I quickly found myself getting stronger and more driven to get in shape.

I also did the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge, along with the workouts, and I immediately saw great results and a boost in energy. It also helped me to dial in my nutrition and build new habits.

In only the first month, I was down 2.25 inches, 5 pounds, 2.8% BF, and 0.7 points BMI… even while increasing muscle definition. My bicep alone increased 1/2 inch! The best part is that I am excited for the upcoming hunting season, knowing that I am going to not only be able to keep up, but I will be able to lead with confidence.

Thank You Jesse!

Gabe Gilpin

Designated Broker / President

Gilpin Realty Inc.

Gilpin Management Services LLC

Gabe Gilpin

I came to try action fitness camp Snohomish as an alternative to all the other things I'm already doing. I already have quite a bit of experience doing CrossFit and since I was in the army I'm no stranger to hard work. However I had found myself at a plateau. I did the 24 day challenge in addition to Action Fitness Camp. In less than a month I was able to lose a full percentage body fat and 2 1/2 inches without changing my total weight—that meant I gained muscle and now I've got even more energy and stamina. I followed everything to the letter, and ate as clean as possible. My cardio, speed, endurance, strength, and especially my mood all improved. I beat almost every Max and best records in all things in 24 Days. I love this program. A lot of people think that there's only one way to work out but I'm finding that Action Fitness Camp is showing me many new ways to get great results.

Ben Tardif

I had planned on doing the Seattle to Portland bike ride in 2015 so I started training in September of 2014 and was getting really sore on my long training rides so I knew I needed to do something about it. After a few days of consideration I started doing one on one training with Jesse Stoddard to loosen up my muscles. As the weeks went by I progressed so well that he recommended that I start coming to workout on a regular basis so I started that in December of 2014.

Over the past 8 months I have gotten into such better shape and started doing 5K runs in March and recently increased my distance. I stopped training for the bike ride right after I started coming to workout on a regular basis and am now focusing on running. There was no way I would have been doing 5K runs and increasing my distance if it hadn't of been for his workouts. He does such a good job getting you into shape and by the end of each session you're sweating like wildfire.

Joe Godfrey

One year ago today, I started my fitness and health journey! I am glad I started! My first 6 months were rough and, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t put as much into it as I should have.

During my first visit with my trainer, I actually vomited. I couldn’t do a single push-up or sit-up. Not one, seriously!

Something finally clicked in me around March of this year… Huh, I kinda like this workout stuff! I started by working out twice a week with my personal trainer. Now, I workout with him once a week AND workout at Action Fitness Camp 2 – 3 times a week.

I’ve lost about 20 pounds (it’s much slower to come off now, as I’m replacing fat with muscle)… I started as a size 12, now I’m almost a size 6 (8’s are too big)… But the best part is, I feel great!

Michelle Gjerness

I like your expertise, positive attitude and energy. Let's face it, I like our group. We all really gel. The reason why we choose boot camp is because we like going & feel left out if we miss. Also, we have to put zero thought into what were going to be doing as far as routine.

Cheryl Buck

I work out with you because you have never once looked at me and seen what I can’t do. You only see what I can do. For example, when I went to the local gym and asked about a specific workout, they said, no, that’s not for you, that workout is for athletes. I know I don’t look like an athlete, and I have always struggled with coaches judging me before they see what I can do. That doesn’t happen with you. Also, working out with you is always a positive experience and generally speaking, being a stay at home Mom doesn’t have a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes it does, but not always. The things I like most about the workout are the challenges, I like numbers, and I really like trying to improve my own numbers. Since working out with you, I am healthier, stronger, and both my cholesterol and blood pressure are significantly lower. And…my jeans always fit better after running a mile or more.

Nancy Sexton

I like being outside no matter the weather. I like the varied workouts, always something different and our trainer always knows the correct way to do the workout and when you actually do it the correct way you can feel the difference. The workout never is designed down to the person most out of shape, it is consistently a tough workout. I would rather do less than what you ask for and get worked over than have you ask for less and the whole group gets less of a workout. If we do it that way it doesn’t take long to get in good enough shape to be able to keep up. By the way, I love the fact that I can get such great workouts with Action Fitness Camp that I can eat Haagen Daz and maintain my 230 lbs! Ha.

Doug Godfrey

Bering Pacific Construction


"For me to say “Snohomish Boot Camp changed my life” is an understatement. I am your typical 39 year old wife and mother who let my weight get out of control. I was depressed, had no energy, and had stopped living my life because of how I looked and felt. I was always waiting for the moment where something “clicked”. In November of 2010, my friend Kyla persuaded me to try boot camp for the first time…and I was hooked. Initially I was extremely intimidated by the mere idea of a boot camp, and thought for sure I was going to DIE. I was pleasantly surprised after my first class because no one made me feel uncomfortable for not being able to complete an exercise or stared at me because of my size. I was encouraged by everyone and was taught that I could modify any exercise to suit my level of fitness (although the trainers were always there to push me further each time). I very quickly found that the important thing was to KEEP MOVING. To be completely honest, the first few classes were really tough. But with the support of the other campers and trainers, I was encouraged to keep coming back. After just a few classes I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and started setting small, attainable goals for myself. Every day I pushed myself a little more. Whether it was one more sit-up, or one more lap without stopping, I forced myself to go beyond what I thought I was capable of and realized I could do it. After a couple of months I participated in the Advocare 24 DayChallenge and lost 18 pounds. That was a major turning point for me. It was the motivation I needed to completely change my eating habits and I have never felt better about my food choices. Since I started roughly 7 months ago, I have lost 61 pounds and 23 inches, gone down four pant sizes, and have been taken off of my blood pressure medication. I’m inspired every day by the people who have made a commitment to get healthy. People who are just like me with busy lives and a myriad of excuses for not coming but they do anyway (shout out to my partner Denise-you’re the best!). The trainers are fantastic and each one has a different approach to teaching that makes it fun and challenging. I love having all the day/time choices so if I have to miss my 5:30 am class, I know I can make it up later in the day. I will forever be grateful to Jesse, Peri-Lyn, and Heather. Each of you has at one point or another in my journey said or done something that made a difference. I’m also very lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband and daughter who hold me accountable when the trainers aren’t there! This has been such an incredible life changing experience, and I can’t wait to see where I am in another seven months. I truly believe this is the best fitness program available and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner."

Libby Hagen

"Snohomish Boot camp has allowed me to be excited and enthusiastic about my exercise routines and my fitness goals. I have worked out for years inside at local gyms. My exercise routine consisted of running on the treadmills, using the elliptical or attending the same routine classes…daily!!! Needless to say it was extremely boring! I was just going through the workout motions not really pushing myself or getting motivated to sweat and burn. Realizing, I wasn’t reaching my fitness goals of burning the fat and toning up; I decided to step it up and hired a personal trainer. While I enjoyed the benefits of working with a trainer the price tag sat really high above my exercise budget. My neighbor was attending Snohomish Boot camp right when my super expensive sessions were coming to a close with my trainer. Her enthusiasm towards the boot camp persuaded me to at least give the free week. One of the first things I loved about boot camp was the energy. The trainers are fun, excited, energetic and passionate for what they do. They genuinely care for each boot camp client, their health, fitness goals and are determined to give clients all the tools and resources they need to achieve their fitness goals. The trainer’s excitement is contagious and as a result each boot camp client is equally excited and “fired up”. Snohomish Boot camp is the cure to everyday boring exercise. Every week, during the summer, we are at a new location, and every work out is different. Each week I look at the calendar excited to find out where the current week’s location is. Then, showing up to boot camp we never know what the current day’s exercise will consist of. Another component about boot camp that I love is the outdoor aspect. I have spent so much of my time indoors, I hadn’t even realized how nice it is to get outside and enjoy nature, and it’s extremely rejuvenating and refreshing. Yes, your shoes and hands might get a little dirty, but seriously sometimes I actually feel like a little athlete again, running and playing outside….it’s that fun!!!! So, I mentioned the energy, the exciting variety, and the fresh air, but one of the main things is that boot camp has really allowed me to achieve my personal fitness goals. I worked out before signing up for Snohomish Boot Camp, so I might consider myself in okay shape, my goals were to lose a couple pounds and to firm and tone up. I’ve been a consistent attendee to the evening camps for about 6 months, and I am in the best shape I have ever been in!!! I feel great inside and out, I use to work out almost every single day, Boot Camp offers a high intensity workout, but in a fun group atmosphere. For me it’s’ been quality over quantity, I’m not wasting my time on that stupid boring elliptical…going nowhere fast!! Snohomish Boot Camp is the best solution for anyone looking to get in shape, it offers you the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals, which achieving this ultimately effects the overall quality of your life in a extremely positive way. So, you improve the quality of your life, in a fun, energized, variety filled, positive environment, with the support of the trainers and all your fellow boot campers, I’m 200% sold…and will never be back at a gym again!"

Tessa Harp

"Initially I started boot camp as part of a 24 day rapid fat loss program that was being offered through a special deal. I’d been struggling with my weight for about 11 years, feeling bad about it but never really committed to do anything to change it. When the deal came about on Facebook I decided I could commit to anything for 24 days, and that was the mini goal I set before myself. Committing to anything longer was a bit scary for me at the time, and I didn’t want to set a goal in front of me that I could not achieve. The first morning I went I’ll admit I felt a little intimidated walking in alone, but the support and immediate acceptance of all who were there was a refreshing surprise to me. The initial week or two were probably the hardest part because my body was just not used to doing the things it was doing, the commitment I made to myself for those 24 days was very important because day two I was sore and just didn’t want to keep doing it, my body was revolting, but I stood strong in the commitment telling myself it was just 24 days and I could do it. As the end of the program I signed up for came about I could not fathom not coming to boot camp everyday, my body had adjusted to the exercise, that doesn’t mean I’m still not sore sometimes, but I was used to it. I’d seen results of 10lbs and 9” lost in that time period. I knew that I could do it now, and was determined to stay on. Joining boot camp has been the second most life-changing events for me. The first one, a near death experience 11 years ago, was the one that got me in the position I was in when I first came to boot camp. While my initial intent was to lose weight and become a healthier person, the emotional/spiritual aspects of it have been life changing. I’ve realized that the weight is the result of me not dealing with the emotions of the tragedy and as it has been coming off I am left to deal with the root cause. As difficult as that may be some days, it’s also been the most freeing. I am so grateful for boot camp, Jesse for pushing me to be consistent in the beginning, to Peri-Lyn for just being helpful and easy to be honest with, and Kanna for her availability for questions and feedback on the process as one who has been down this road ahead of me. This has all been an integral part of the new me, and it is something that I will never take for granted. To date I am down 32lbs, approximately 19” and three sizes, there is still a road ahead of me and my goals are ever changing as my body is, however I now know that I can do this, my commitments have grown longer and goals heftier I as continue to gain muscle, strength and confidence through the support of my boot camp family. Hands down I would recommend this experience to anyone, with the advice of just starting with a small commitment, one that you can achieve, and building on that as you grow, or shrink"

Tabitha Lewis

“I have been running regularly for several years, but knew I needed to cross-train. Cross-training always felt like a detraction from my running time that I dreaded so I wouldn’t be consistent. I would start a class at the gym, a home program or strength training with my husband, but would quickly revert to exclusively running. I heard about Snohomish Boot Camp from an article in the Herald and decided to give it a try that evening. I really like the intensity and variety of the program and look forward to boot camp. I have been going twice a week for 12 weeks and have increased my upper body and overall strength and my running mile time has improved. The instructors are great, push you to work hard and encourage everyone to excel. Being outdoors is an added bonus!”

Sandra Campbell

"Thanks for helping organize a great day last Saturday with the Boot Camps With a Purpose and supporting Hands for Peacemaking which Dr. and Mrs. Aller began. [I] appreciate your good spirit. I enjoy each time I’m at the boot camp – it’s fun and doing what it needs to do with getting me in better over-all shape. You do an excellent job leading it!"

Charlie Lewis

“I really enjoy the tough work-outs and the team spirit of my fellow campers. I joined boot camp for two reasons. I have a son with a serious illness and found myself getting depressed in dealing with it. I knew that I had to do something about it or end up on medication. I read the newspaper article about Snohomish Boot Camp and decided that’s what I needed to do. The work outs have helped me get in shape physically and mentally!! I highly recommend boot camp!” “P.S.The instructors are great too!”

Jo Morken

“I LOVE boot camp. It has pushed me to work my whole body in ways I didn’t think I could be pushed. It is a great athletic and disciplined workout. When I started I could not do 1 push-up. I am up to 20. Stairs… I could only hop 1/2 way up a flight; now full flight, multiple times. It has been a great endurance builder and helped me considerably with my running. I am usually a 10 minute miler. 9.5 on a good day. Went for a run with a friend last weekend 5 .5 miles at 8:30 pace. She is 15 years younger then me it was great to be able to keep up… I LOVE the boot camp workout. It has truly made my whole body stronger…. Just an FYI I won’t be at camp again this Sat. as I am going to do the Mercer Is. half-marathon!”

Marci Gionet

"From time to time over my adult life I have occasionally tried to get back into shape, but my solo efforts were always pretty light-hearted at best. The workouts we do at Snohomish Boot Camp are consistently challenging, far beyond what I would have done if I were working out alone. The positive group atmosphere makes it fun to press on, even past what I thought I was capable of."

Wes Plate

"Boot Camp has been amazing! I have definitely been challenged by it, but I am really enjoying it. I’ve seen an increase in my stamina, and a decrease in my pant size-I’ve gone down one size and toned up a bit! Love it!"

Kelly DuByne

“I have been a runner for years but realized as I got older (I’m almost 56) that I needed something different to build up strength and endurance. I saw the article about the Snohomish Boot Camp and decided to give it a try. That was the best decision I have made in a long time! I have been in the program for about two months, and I just ran a half marathon in the same time that I did ten years ago! My leg strength is superior and my endurance has really improved. What I like best about the program is that all levels of fitness can participate at the same time. Jesse and Peri-Lyn do a great job of tailoring each exercise to the abilities of each camper, so no one feels intimidated and everyone has a great time. Both Jesse and Peri-Lyn make things fun, while providing a challenging peer group environment. I could never have achieved these results on my own.”

Rob Disotell

Judy Dahlberg"When I started going to boot camp, I was already relatively fit, but needed extra motivation to workout mid-week. I’ve been attending every Tuesday for two months. Even just attending once a week, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness and energy level. My endurance for activities such as running and snow skiing have increased dramatically. I would highly recommend boot camp for people of all fitness levels."

Judy Dahlberg

Tiffany Sturlaugson“A few weeks ago I started Boot Camp because my sister had invited me to give it a try. I was really not sure what I was heading into, maybe a little intimidated since I’m used to doing my own thing. I found it to be an intense variety of cardio, strength, agility, and endurance exercises, never predictable, and always challenging. I feel like I’ve worked hard at the end of each session and can tell that it has given my physical fitness the boost it needed. One thing I really like about it is that it has gotten me out of my routine and given me some variety I can throw into my day to increase strength and cardio. In addition, my 7th grade football player loves it because mom has to do Burpees and lunges too!”

Tiffany Sturlaugson

David and Molly Brodie"Jesse & Peri Lyn – We just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for putting on such a great program. As of this morning, David and I are down 15 and 20 pounds, respectively, and totally FIRED UP with the results! In spite of the fact that we frequently come home after workout looking like drenched rats and then hurt for a couple days after that, we love the workouts. We love the variety in exercises, routines, and locations. We also love the fact that the workouts are held outside rather than inside a gym, regardless of what the weather may be. Lastly, we really appreciate your commitment to the community and the periodic charity boot camps which benefit a local non-profit. We believe this is a win/win for everyone. You guys are doing a great job!"

David & Molly Brodie

Tracie Graafstra"This is Tracie here…I just wanted to share my success story with everyone! I started bootcamp about 5 months ago…I was about a size 12 to 14 and weighed 170lbs. I began doing only two days a week and am now up to 4 to 5 times a week. I have been also following the eating plan/habit in the Snohomish Boot Camps Workbook and am now a size 4, and weigh 130lbs…and am still losing inches!!!! This camp is amazing and has really changed my life…anybody can do this and get great results!"


"EXTREME FUN!!! I started taking bootcamp classes this summer and absolutely love them all!! There’s a low impact class that I thought would be fun but easy and it WAS fun but still a great workout!I have to admit after all the classes I can actually,for the first time in my life,say that I like how my glutes are looking!They’re no longer a part of my legs!This is definetly a great workout!The people are sooo friendly that they also help make it fun!!Don’t worry that it may be too difficult because you don’t compete w/ other’s,you compete w/ yourself because they keep track of your times/reps,etc.Rain or shine,IT IS FUN!!!"


"So worth it! This is hard work but fun, you get a chance to meet some great people and they are all supportive. I started to get some of my energy back and I noticed that I started to lose some inches. All in all don’t hesitate in doing this you will be glad that you joined!"


Dawn Ipsen"I’ve been going to Snohomish Boot Camp for 8 months now. I never thought that I would like working outside all year long, but I LOVE it!! The coaches are extremely motivating and uplifting. I always leave feeling great about myself. I have definitely improved over the last 8 months. I have more energy and my endurance is better and I am noticing muscle tone that I have never had before. I love the great variety of people that I get to work out with every week. When I started 8 months ago I hadn’t worked out in 6 years! Now I can run a mile under 8 minutes! I continue to improve every time. I know that I could do this kind of work out at home on my own, but you can’t beat the camaraderie, the coaches and the equipment! Thanks Snohomish Boot Camp!"

Dawn Ipsen

"I joined the Marysville boot camp because I was in a work out rut. I was a regular at the gym and found myself at a plateau. I was super nervous to do my free trial because I had never done anything like this before and the term “boot camp” was terrifying. I couldn’t afford a personal trainer and was intimidated to be working out on my own anyway. Boot camp was a perfect combination of having that one on one attention while still being with a group of other “grunts” also trying to shed the pounds. It was a perfect combination for me. The trainer, Cristen, was awesome and made me feel very welcome. I found her workouts to be challenging without being impossible. Cristen was encouraging when we were struggling, and pushed us when we were slacking. The workouts were always different and kept me on my toes. I would very much recommend everyone, big and small, to join this program."

Melanie Hokin

"In just the first few weeks of boot camp I was able to tell a huge difference in my endurance and overall health. This is an amazing way to get in shape. The classes are led by knowledgeable inspiring instructors and I have found all of my fellow class clients to be very supportive and encouraging. I strongly encourage anyone of any fitness level to attend. The instructors are fabulous at designing a workout that meets your personal level of fitness. It feels like having a personal trainer in a supportive team atmosphere. I’ve made some very good friends at boot camp and strongly recommend Snohomish County Boot Camp to anyone I meet. I find myself looking forward to boot camp every week."

Sandy Bartel

Reinette Arase"I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed boot camp and am amazed that I am still loving it. My personality is such that I tend to get bored after awhile and then I’m on to something new – but that hasn’t been the case with boot camp! I wanted you to know that you have an “awesome” trainer in Cristen. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Her workouts are challenging and fun. The variety in her workouts are what has forced me to be on my toes and has allowed me not to get to that place of boredom. She has been patient and understanding with me which has allowed me to work through many of my challenges both physically and emotionally. She reaches all boot campers both competitive and non-competitive. She embodies the Snohomish boot camp mantra that this is for “everyone”. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all of the trainers at Snohomish Boot Camp."

Reinette Arase

Before: 25+ extra pounds and “Never thought I was getting in shape” no matter what she did. Saw Snohomish boot camps offered an early class, which was the only time that worked for her. Started October. Did the 24 Day Challenge and got awesome results. After: Lost weight, lost inches, lost bodyfat percentage, needs to buy new clothes, down 2 clothing sizes from October to December. Stonger, more stamina. Down 25 pounds. Loves the camaraderie and loved how quickly she felt like she was “getting it.” Doesn’t matter what fitness level you start at! Catherine Gundlach“I have tried gym clientships, bought exercise dvd’s, a treadmill, weights and more. . .trying to combat the middle age spread that started in my mid 30′s. In January of this year I challenged myself to train for the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon as a way to mark turning 50. I finished the race, but vowed not to run overweight again! Although I continued to run planning for our youngest daughters wedding in August derailed my fitness. In October I saw a special for a 24 day challenge with Snohomish Boot Camp, but the deciding factor was the early morning workouts. In two short months I have lost inches, weight, gained muscle and stamina even through the busy holiday season. The support has been phenomenal from boot camp staff and fellow boot campers. This program works better than anything else I have ever tried. I am continuously challenged to push my physical limits. The workouts speed by, never bored. The nutritional & weight loss support is sound and effective. The results I have experienced to date have been motivating and empowering! Reminded every day that I can continue to reshape my body and life.”

Catherine Gundlach

"I wanted to give a response to your email regarding boot camp. I have been doing boot camp since September of 2010, minus 3 months for the time I got hurt on the job. Marcie has been my instructor since the beginning. She has been nothing but encouraging, kind, fun, friendly and very patient as I have questions regarding the benefit of the skill I am trying to achieve. She has a gentle way of encouraging and been a perfect example of a top notch boot camp instructor as she has a way of getting one or two more out of me without making me feel less than I am. I have always felt welcome by Marcie and have never felt because I am last coming in or am behind the rest of the group that I have no place at boot camp. Marcie will walk with me, or be my partner when I need a little extra attention when struggling with spider man crawls etc.and/or give me a modification of a skill because at this point in my boot camp workout I have not been able to master that skill. When I came to boot camp last year I hadn't exercised in about 25 years having been a working mom. I devoted so much of my spare time to raising my 3 athletes that I totally neglected my own physical self for all those years. Almost weekly now, I am able to "master" a skill that I had in my wildest dreams thought I could not do. It may be a little thing to most of you who are young and fit but doing speed skaters 4 times (down and back is one) in the soccer dome is a very large achievement for me -- a 55 year old, out of shape woman. I am very proud of myself and will continue to attend boot camp as long as it is affordable (financially it is a stretch, but I feel that this is important for my overall health) and continues to meet my needs. I attribute most of my achievements to my own "stick to it" work ethic and to Marcie who is doing a fantastic job as a boot camp instructor. [Marcie's] class is important to many of us and for it me it is a part of my life and I do schedule appointments or events around it. I hope you will pass this response on to Marcie as I am writing this as a commendation for her as well."

Terri Aicher

Melissa Stensaa

"Melissa lost 5 and 3/4 inches, 4.9% body fat, and the 5.2 pounds, in less than two months, only doing boot camp two times per week and adding the 24 day challenge!"

"I haven't really shared with anyone yet, but I won't be continuing with boot camps past the 8/31 Marysville camp. I'm not sure why, but I was actually content to just fade away without really telling anyone officially... And that's not at all a sign of any negativity towards SBC, the trainers, or the overall program you offer. I have actually LOVED boot camp in pretty much every way! It has been a very important part of my life and overall fitness, and I'm sincerely thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in all that was offered and to attempt to serve as an ambassador to the programs (despite my big goose egg of new clients, I have indeed been spreading the gospel all this time). At the top of the list of benefits I've realized with SBC is that my whole attitude towards working out has changed...

The overall mental transformation that has occurred for me the past 8 months has led to my desire for additional fitness challenges. I never enjoyed running in my pre-SBC life, but I ran my first race in May (a 10k) and have since run five more (two 5ks, two more 10ks, and a 7.8m). This has pushed me into desiring additional challenges so I've been training for a 15k on 9/10 and a half marathon on 9/25. I've been able to balance boot camp with the half marathon training by toning down my frequency and intensity level at camp, but I recently committed to running the Honolulu Marathon on 12/11. The heavier marathon training schedule requires that I run 4x/week (30+miles/week) and cross train on Sunday so I'm ultimately choosing to move beyond boot camp right now.

With all that said, I'm not ruling out that I could return to boot camp at some point. While I'm finding that more specific goals/challenges are driving me, I still see incredible value in SBC and the overall fitness that's provided to participants who really embrace it.

Thank you again for everything, Heather. You and the SBC team have really played an incredible role in my healthy progression."

Eric Sommers

"Our weight training program bought 15 TRX's so we have been using them like crazy at practice! Thanks so much for teaching me how. Plus 24 day challenge has me down 13 pounds since July 15! thanks"

Amy Wiklund


….Holy Buckets…………I started boot camp on 3-17-11. It was a gift from my wife for Valentine’s Day, (I know pretty subtle, huh?) I was extremely nervous the first day as I was out of shape, overweight, and did not know anyone at camp. The workouts were tough in the early days but I quickly became excited to come back to boot camp each day. I have been a part of many different gyms over the years and never have I been excited to work out. Boot Camp is so different and I can confidently say I am hooked and actually look forward to going. In fact, I go through a bit of withdrawal if I miss a couple days in a row.

I am 41 years old and started out at boot camp weighing in at 235 pounds (the heaviest I have ever been). I really did not have a specific goal when I started except to try and shed some weight. I did not know what to expect or how long it would take to see results. My motto was that “it is a marathon, not a sprint”, and that I needed to be patient with the process. I changed my paradigm about weight loss and convinced myself it was about how I felt and not about a number on a scale. I thought it would be cool to be under 200 pounds again but kept my focus on the process not the number.

……well I got more out of boot camp the first three months than I had planned or would ever of imagined. First or all, I started feeling more confident and had tons more energy than I can ever reclient having. Secondly, the boot camp routine was perfect for me, always changing, always challenging, and never boring. Thirdly, I have enjoyed working out with other people and see them embrace the workouts along with me. Fourthly, I have loved the trainers, they are great at pushing us to work harder but sensitive enough to know when to ease off (most of the time!). Lastly, I unexpectedly saw results very quickly in my weight loss. I know it is great to lose weight and see the number on the scale drop, but I mention my weight loss last because it truly is so much more than a number on a scale.

Having prefaced that, I went from 235 pounds on 3-17-11 down to 200 pounds on 6-17-11. 35 pounds in 3 months!!!

During a time in my life where my family (wife and two athletes) have experienced a large amount of challenges and stress, (long story) boot camp has offered such a great outlet and a boat load of encouragement to me. I know it sounds cheesy but I am a better person in so many ways because of boot camp.

I have made a one year commitment to boot camp and look forward to what the next nine months and beyond brings………

Ken Steenis

"I do what I can and enjoy the company of others who are working hard to make a change in body and health. I think that is one of the keys to help people continue. My doctor is pleased with my weight loss and increased strength, as long as I don't go overboard and cause an injury. I definitely see a good difference in myself."

Kathy Smith


I am a work in progress. 7 months, 40 pounds and 16.5 inches ago, I realized that I was a liability to my family. With a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure, I had to acknowledge that I had to make some proactive changes. As a mom of 5, I had a lot of excuses why I couldn't work out. Some valid, most not. One day it dawned on me - if I had to get up and go to work at 5:30am, I just did it. Why then could I not do something for myself and work out? That's when my 13 year old son and I started Boot Camp. (He was wanting to get in better shape for football - wow, did he ever, but that's another story!

Boot Camp sounded a little scary at first. I was hoping there was no shouting or high pressure from some militant, fanatical exercise fiend. Quite the contrary! Jesse, Rhonda, Arnie and Andy all are extremely supportive, and yes - they will give you a positive push - gently! I value their encouragement and support. The overall environment of Boot Camp has been very positive, encouraging and fun. Yes, fun!

I have gone from a size 14 (snug) to an 8 (with room!), and in the past 3 months shaved 2 minutes off my mile time. I was shocked at how out of shape I really was after 5 pregnancies. In April, my sit up record was 8. Yup - 8! Now I am up to 42. I am in better shape physically, emotionally, and mentally than I have ever been. I am a better wife, mom, role model for my athletes, and coach for it. My proudest moment has been when my daughter's 6th grade teacher told me that she and her husband were inspired by my progress to start a fitness program themselves. They figured that if Mrs. G could do it with 5 athletes, they could do it! Now that's encouragement!

I will be 42 in five days. I am in stronger and more active than I was 20 years ago. My goal is to someday be 50, FIT, FABULOUS AND FOXY!!! I want to hike with my athletes, stay two steps ahead of my husband, and live to build sandcastles with my grandathletes. That's where I see myself.

I hate to run, so I don't see myself running any marathons, but then again - six months ago I didn't see myself looking forward to getting up before 5am to work out either, so I'll not rule it out just yet...........

Blessings, I look forward to working out next to you!

Kama S. Gorman

Hi Jesse,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving boot camp. I typically go to the Mill Creek location, with the exception of Saturday's, and then I go to Snohomish at the football field.

Here is what I love about it:

it is different every day

self paced (you can make the most out of it, or if you are having one of those days you can take it a bit easier if needed)

support-Rhonda is amazing (as is Peri-Lyn)

workouts are fun group support-Mill Creek campers are super supportive of each other seeing results (after only 5 weeks I am feeling much better about myself and getting stronger every day)

The biggest compliment I can give is that I get up every day (well most days) and I drag my very tired butt into camp and I do the workouts. This is saying a lot coming from someone who used to only maybe run 2-4 times per week...and that is all. I am seeing results and I enjoy going. It is always challenging and I am always sore and tired. A wonderful side effect is that I am now also sleeping better at night without any sort of sleep aid...and my clothes are starting to fit better. I have also learned that it is easy to eat a healthier more balanced diet. I have a long way to go, but I am sure that with continuing boot camp workouts I will get where I need to be. It no longer seems impossible to attain my weight loss and fitness goals whereas before, I never really saw results no matter what I did once I hit 40.

So thank you for starting the camps, and thank you Rhonda for your amazing workouts and your day to day support!

~Kerri Pearson


I started boot camp on March 15, 2011 and in that time I have lost 30 pounds, 15 inches, by body fat % went from 40.9 to 37.2. My endurance, stamina, confidence, energy and posture have all increased.

The trainers (Peri-Lynn and Heather) are motivating and encourage everyone to do what they can. When you don't think you can do one more burpee they tell you, you can and you do. The boot campers are great, too. It's like a community of support and I have met some great people. I even went on my first hike ever last Friday with a fellow boot camper and it was great.

Thank you for putting this out in the community and having a great team!

~Kay Swoboda


Here’s what Michelle thinks of SBC. After changing occupations from being an active construction worker to a sedentary IT support tech for a school district I saw a steady gain in weight and a steadier decline in energy and ambition to do anything about it. Failed attempts at gym clientships and increasing clothes sizes only served to make me feel depressed and hopeless. My friend Joyce had joined Snohomish Boot Camps and after watching her just melt away I decided I would check it out with her. Unlike the gym, camp was fun; though there was never a shortage of hard work. The personalities of the 5:30am group rocked which was really nice because I am shy. Never knowing fully what was to come made it interesting and removed the ability to pick and choose what I didn’t “want” to do by staying home on a given day. As time went on I found myself looking forward to the “little clues” posted on Facebook as to what the next morning would bring. I have yet to finish a workout and feel I didn’t get all I paid for (as was usually the case at the gym). From the start, Peri-Lyn has been unfailing in her support and encouragement. She modified exercises I had trouble with due to shoulder injury, never making me feel like I should be able to do more than I was at any time. Instead, other than helping me to improve my form, the only words out of her mouth are positive ones! Andy and Shelly, the other trainers who often attend are equally as positive, helpful, and encouraging! Here are a few reasons I will continue to set my alarm for my 5:30am appointment M-F with Peri-Lyn and company. Since January 2012: • 35 pounds lost • 13.5 total inches lost • 1 pant size • 1 shirt size • Push-ups increased from 18 to 30 • Sit-ups increased from 20 to 40 • Self-confidence definitely on the incline • Depression definitely on the decline • Most important to me, hope restored.


Here is what Judy has to say about her and her husbands accomplishments through Snohomish Boot Camps

Nathan and I joined Boot Camp in November. We do a lot together as a couple; kayak, ride motorcycles, camp, snowmobile…. but one thing we have never done together is exercise. Nate has always been fit and trim, and a runner. Me on the other hand, happy to be his cheerleader, and I’ve just never liked to exercise. The only reason we joined Boot Camp was because I bought a Living Social coupon on a whim, and I am surprised to say we are very happy that I bought that coupon. Our Numbers: 50 and 51 years old, 5-15 pounds (or so) over weight, 1bottle of wine on the weekends, and many poor choices. Since joining boot camp we have both enjoyed a new found energy, fitter bodies, and increased strength and stamina. Nate’s biggest accomplishment due to Boot Camp is skiing full runs full speed without stopping, something he hasn’t done since high school. His next goal: get strong enough to get back on the water ski this summer after having been off the last three summers due to injury (sure sucks not to be able to do the things you love!). Judy’s Boot Camp accomplishments: being able to walk the stairs to my classroom and not be out of breath (I run them now), sleeping through the night for the first time in almost 20 years, and getting ready to run her first race. These may not sound like big accomplishments, but for us they are huge! We love Boot Camp, we love going together and being each other’s cheerleader. The most important parts of Boot Camp for us are our trainers Peri-Lyn and Heather, all the tough workouts these two dynamic trainers dream up, and all our new- found Boot Camp buddies. From day one, when we were dying, it was the positive comments and motivation that inspired us and continues to bring us back. We really enjoy the fun that exercise can be when participating in this kind of environment; we look forward to each workout and are disappointed when life’s commitments interfere. Boot Camp is one of the most rewarding activities we have done as a couple.


I started boot camp in the middle of this past October, I was tired of looking at family vacation photos and seeing myself so overweight. My friend Libby, got me interested in the Snohomish Boot Camp and I saw the results she was getting. So, after a trip with my husband in October I decided I was going to do something about my weight. The first couple of weeks was the hardest part, every part of my body hurt and I didn't know how I was going to keep going. As the weeks went by and I started dropping the pounds and seeing the amazing results, I was able to keep up with the workouts and not be so winded. I'm so very grateful for my trainer, Rhonda at Mill Creek boot camp and to all of my fellow boot campers there for all the encouragements and compliments, it keeps me going! I really look forward to my workouts 5 days a week! There will be no more "chubby" me anymore, I've now changed how I eat and how I think about food that will stick with my always. Here are some of my hardworking results! I've lost 37 pounds (1 pound away from my Goal!!), around 8 inches off my waist and I'm down 5 pants sizes! I want to say Thank You Snohomish Boot Camp and to my trainer, Rhonda. I couldn't have done it without you guys!


Here’s what Aubrey has to say about Boot Camp. “I started boot camp last September after becoming fed up with being too chubby and too tired. At first it was hard to come to boot camp. I was slow and weak and boot camp seemed so long and challenging. Now when I look back at those first days I am blown away by the progress I have made. I am so grateful to Peri-Lyn and Heather for being fun and supportive every morning. You guys get me inspired to accomplish things before I even get my make-up on. My main goal was always to lose some weight, but what I never anticipated is that I would also gain tons of strength, energy, and confidence along the way. I always thought that my days of being an athlete were over a long time ago, but I now see myself in a way that I haven't since high school. In contrast, I now look forward to going to boot camp every day. It is still challenging, but I enjoy it and the time flies by. I love to compete against my own numbers every month on "challenge" days. There is nothing better than seeing those numbers improve and knowing that I kicked chubby Aubrey's butt again :)

Here are some of my favorite numbers: -Lost 20 lbs -7.5" around waist -5" around hips -Increased push-ups from 7 to 45 -Shaved almost a minute off my mile time.

Peri-Lyn loses 32 lbs. Cuts 3 minutes off mile time, doubles fitness score results, and runs a half-marathon...

"I grew up in Snohomish, Washington on Flowing Lake where water sports were a favorite past time. In addition to water sports, I had the opportunity of a lifetime in the equestrian arena, where my passion for horses, at a very young age, took me to the Olympic Level. Although I have been athletic my entire life, including competing in water ski and wake boarding tournaments, I never really had a “passion” for whole body fitness until the summer of 2009. I ran in a local organized race and lumbered through 1 mile. I figured it was time to do something more. A friend invited me to check out Snohomish Boot Camp and I attended my first camp on September 1, 2009. I attended twice a week for four months, before having to miss one camp due to a Christmas Show. I have now been participating in boot camp for over 7 months, still only having missed one camp since the beginning. It is addicting. Boot camp has done amazing things for my overall health, fitness and my frame of mind. I have lost over 36 pounds since joining Snohomish Boot Camp, and gained an amazing amount of knowledge in fitness and enjoy making a positive difference in others’ lives. It is pretty rewarding to be able to work out with great people every week, outside, and exercise in a group setting, all while having fun. I joined Snohomish Boot Camp as an employee in January 2010 and became a certified personal trainer. My family is extremely important to me. In 1997, I married my husband of 13 years, Mark. We have two biological children, ages 9 and 5. We also have a 16 year old daughter we foster part time. In addition, we have numerous “adopted/fostered” children who continue to bless us every day. Boot Camp has become a passion and I enjoy everything about it. What I enjoy most is working hard – outside – rain or shine and helping others reach their fitness goals. I love hearing the success stories of each participant and how this exercise program has helped them both physically and mentally. Come join us, you will see what I am talking about! What are you waiting for?"

Peri-Lyn Johnson

"I started bootcamp 9 months ago and have loved every minute of it. I have lost 30 pounds, obtained a great deal of muscle and am as lean as I have ever been! From the variety of trainers available to the different locations to the Northwest weather, they are the best workouts I have ever had. I started out going 1 day a week and soon realized I was addicted, so I started going as much as I could. Bootcamp has made it possible to accomplish my goal of 50 pushups (with no rest) a month and a half ahead of my personal goal! You can do it…… it works!"

Follow up: When I started boot camp I was still wearing my knee brace from multiple surgeries the year prior, I wore it 1 month into camp and haven’t worn it since. The Snohomish Boot Camp instructors are educated, knowledgeable and care about my health. I have been able to recover from a recent ankle sprain (not done at camp) all the while attending Snohomish Boot Camp 3-4 days a week!!! From the very first boot camp I attended, I have always looked forward to the next. There are several times and locations to choose from and the outdoor workout is something that I look forward to… rain or shine! Since my first camp I have lost over 10% body fat, 30 pounds and SO many inches I’ve lost track! I am 100% committed to the results of boot camp and recommend to anyone that wants to improve their health, stay fit, and even slim down for a wedding. Literally, it’s for everyone.

Kanna Matthews